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The Unexplainable w/ Tim O’Malley

Learn the best ways of dealing with a haunting with the host of The Unexplainable, a paranormal call-in show in Cleveland. How do you take back control of your home? What does it mean if objects start moving on their own? And wait, Bobcat Goldthwait isn't dead, how can he be a ghost? Featuring special guest, Second City instructor Tim O'Malley.

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Sex and Kings

Go behind the scenes of SyFy's hit Sex and Kings with the producer and showrunner, who explain the origin of the show and the random dice rolls that determine the characters and plot. In fact, the only thing they know for sure is which characters have sex with each other. Did I say characters? I meant objects.

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RNC What I Did There?

In Tampa for the Republican National Convention, Jay meets a precocious eight-year-old girl named Sylvia Platt who wants to get a job in politics. She's just hanging out on a bench with no supervision, and Jay's worried for her safety, but he may have met his match in terms of debating.

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