Secret Menu

Everybody knows that Bloop Group shows are free to download and have no commercials. But we go even further! Here are some of the special requests our customers have made over the years. Try one yourself next time you download.

Them Weekly

“Animal style” – replace the normal outro with a heavy metal air-drum solo.

“Hold the eggs”the tabloid mockery you love but without any pregnancy news UPDATE: We apologize but we can no longer keep up with demand for this request.


“in a birthday suit” – if you mention it’s your birthday when clicking, we’ll use your IP address in the sketch, no proof required! (* Pending voter ID laws in racist American states.)

“old-timey” – if you want your comedy to be vintage, we’ll perform public domain sketches and add record player static.


“Medium well” – ask for it medium well, and we’ll interview a medium in a well.

“Reverse cowgirl” – to be honest, her voice is a bit muffled and she can no longer work as a cowgirl, but if you insist, we’ll have her back on the show.

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