Plug Your Thing for Free

Plug Your Thing for Free

Got a thing that you want more people to know about? And are you a shareholder (those are the folks listed in the sidebar over there), or a former guest of the Bloop Group? Let’s work together.

Sometimes our shows need a short intermission to tell people how podcasts work (I know, right?) but frankly, Jay gets tired of his own voice, so he wants you to do it, and there’s a space in there for you to promote whatever you want. Improvise all you like, but it goes something like:

“Hi, I’m [Awesome Person] from [A Real Cool Thing]. Jay asked me to let you know you can get notified of new episodes of this show on Twitter or Facebook or Google+. There are links on the home page of … And of course you can subscribe with iTunes or any other podcast app thing. More about that on the Subscribe page at … While I’ve got you here, you should know about [this thing I’m passionate about and how to learn more]. … Okay, intermission over, back to the show!”

Then you just send the recording to and a bunch more people get to hear about your cool thing, because you’re an awesome person.

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