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Foreigner Marketplace

A new batch of street vendors attend a safety training class so they're prepared for the inevitable super-spy car chase. Featuring Noa Gavin ( Landon Kirksey (@itslandon) and Alicia Sherrod.

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Trebuchet and Vinyl

Our audience on Facebook suggested "trebuchet" and "vinyl", so Jay and Landon took a trip to the weird world of survivalist training, and the weirder world of neighborhood house tours, before making a final stop in Miami. Featuring Landon Kirksey, on Twitter @itslandon

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Reuben the Viking

Today's [REDACTED] is more [REDACTED] than [REDACTED] when Landon and Scott show up to [REDACTED] but [REDACTED] instead. Eventually, Jay [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

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Mustang Halloween

Good morning, Friendswood High! Listen up, 'cause your principal and head coach have some new rules for the upcoming Halloween dance. Featuring Scott Lowe, who has a new sketch comedy show at Second City called Baby Meets Pavement -

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Wyrm Science

Mad scientist Professor Trancemindcontrol meets his new neighbor, who tries to get him to act normal before the next block party. Featuring Landon Kirksey and montage music from Paul and Storm.

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