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Pay Dirt w/ Brandie Posey

Brandie Posey (on Twitter @Brandazzle) of the Lady to Lady podcast joins Jay and Landon to promote dinosaur integration, municipal dirt checkers, Amish spoilers, and the secrets of the movie Secret Window. And we lose our three French Canadian listeners.

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Kevin Smith’s Friend Ben

Rich Baker and Nadia Kamil (on Twitter @nadiakamil) join Landon Kirksey (@itslandon) and Jay Frosting (@jayfrosting) for a spin through the North Pole, the Grand Ole Opry, a funeral-based-waffle-fetish porn set, a future Earth of Lizard People, and Wales.

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HMS The British

A friend of our Facebook page (Hi, Carley!) suggested "The British," so Landon and Scott led Jay on a tour of a possibly-maybe-haunted old British battle ship. OoooOOOOOoohhhhh.

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