Sketch Book bits

How to do the Wang Chung

YouTube mangled and censored our video but a few critical dance moves are still visible. Everybody Wang Chung someday soon! Featuring Carrie Poppy (on Twitter @CarriePoppyYES) and Cool Wizard.

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The Devil’s Brew

Landon tells the true story of a spooky night from years past when he accidentally bought some haunted beer (then Jay does his Radiolab impression by adding some atmospheric noises, Danse Baccanale from and YMCA Muzak by Andrew Huang of

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Hotel 34 (sketch comedy video)

Podcast: DownloadIf it exists, there’s a fantasy suite for it. Sketch written and edited by Jay Frosting, and acted by Amanda Romeo, Chris Pecchenino, Stephanie McGann and Devon Cromwell.

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