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Narrative Form on improv4humans – These Fat Crackers

improv4humans recently employed a different format where the characters remained the same from start to finish. While it started out as an elaborate fat joke, each new scene and audience suggestion gave the performers chances to add more personality, motivations and nuances.

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WINE! by Power Up! Comedy

This wine is strong, this wine is very charismatic, it has a charisma score of 16 … this wine is a 5th level Bard … this wine is charming the innkeeper to let us stay for free tonight.

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Power Up! Podcast! Exclamation point!

Longest-time pal Landon Kirksey (on Twitter @itslandon) has a new comedy group: Power Up! Comedy. They perform at the Westside Comedy Theater, and now they're podcasting, too! In the inaugural episode, Matt, Max and Landon embark on a journey through living in Los Angeles, green energy, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, and of course, phone messgages from Landon's agent.

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