Clock Out bits

Mall Walking Dead w/ Sara and Tom McHenry

At-risk youth in Michigan City have an opportunity to get off the streets and learn how to work retail in a rejuvenated mall run by the Noonan Group. The trouble is that the general public still isn't showing up, so they also have to be the customers? I dunno, something about vouchers and armed guards, but at least there's a video arcade. Featuring power art-comedy couple Sara McHenry and Tom McHenry.

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Movin’ Right Along w/ Eliza Rose & Jake Bilbrey

Jay finally gets a chance to interview an agent of the Witness Protection Program, and for added excitement, she's brought along her newest client. Unfortunately, things get a little... hairy. Featuring Eliza Rose (on Twitter @vajayjayabrams) and Jake Bilbrey (on Twitter @ZicklePop).

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Batkid w/ Brian Thompson & Landon Kirksey

Yikes. So, Warner Bros. and the family of Bob Kane are not happy about Batkid, and they're mounting an un-caped crusade to take him and the Make-a-Wish foundation to court. Featuring Landon Kirksey (on Twitter @itslandon) and Brian Thompson of

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