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eBay Studios w/ Asterios Kokkinos

Meet Crisp Checkers, program director of the new eBay Studios, who is fired up to compete with Amazon Studios. His bold ideas include a game show (where you can win used collectibles, naturally) and some British thing riddled with castles. Featuring Asterios Kokkinos (on Twitter @asterios). Look for his book The Enemies of Twenty-Something Mega Man at

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Video Mental w/ Lisa Wise

Berta Zia (Lisa Wise in disguise!) cold calls Jay Frosting to pitch a new (?) business idea. The first one is DOA but she has a few backup ideas. Lisa's on Twitter: @esiwasil

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Freak Show World Cup Contest w/ Ron Babcock & Amanda Romeo

Enter to win a trip to the World Cup with Myst7qe and Mistook's Traveling Freak Show (offer not valid in Kentucky, South Dakota and Hawaii, must have a birth defect or life defect to win, Bloop Group shareholders are encouraged not to enter). Featuring Ron Babcock (on Instagram at heyron) and Amanda Romeo (of

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Jew Will Go to the Moon w/ Steph Garcia & Josh Richmond

When you hear "holy land," what do you think of? Not the moon? Well, get ready to stop not thinking that way, buster. SpaceX is prepping a colonization mission, but they don't want to go to some godless space rock, so they've got a plan to make it sacred. Featuring Steph Garcia (on Twitter @mostephlove) and Josh Richmond (@radiotfb).

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Facebook Mined Games

We got access to two heads of Facebook's new virtual/actual reality department, after they bought they Oculus Rift VR intellectual property. Join Jay in his adventure through the deep dark dungeon, or maybe you'd like to play a beach game, or ... shop for pot roast? Featuring Landon Kirksey (@itslandon) and J.J. Wright (@anhonestghost).

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