About the Shows

Them Weekly

Celebrity gossip is so dumb! Let us read a ridiculous tabloid magazine for you and give you the “highlights” in under five minutes.

Clock Out

Ambushing comedians with absurd job titles

Imagine a typical late night talk show… there’s a desk, a couch, a host and a sidekick. People are invited on to talk about their recent project or accomplishment. We’re doing the same thing, but the guest has no idea who they are until we introduce them. We record a conversation through Skype with different guests, and we all rely on our improv comedy training to make it through to the “goodnight, everybody.” We get separate audio tracks from everybody then mix and edit until the awkward pauses are scientifically adjusted to be just long enough.

Start Us Off

For the serious improv comedy nerds, we play a lot of “what if?” make-em-ups with goofy characters and bizarre situations.

Sketch Comedy

Sometimes the comedy gets written down before it’s performed.

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