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March 2012

Up the Creek Without a Left Paddle

Podcast: Download | Huffduff it | Subscribe Gary Oldman Pinball · Based on a listener suggestion through Facebook, Landon and Jay improvise a scene about an incredibly inefficient pinball machine. Featuring Landon Kirksey. Orgyology · A Cambridge Don-ette explains the archaeological discovery of the millennium and the inevitable celebratory orgies. Featuring Scott Lowe. Photo by […]

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Slight Night

Podcast: Download | Huffduff it | Subscribe Movie to Watch / Movie to Avoid · A couple’a average guys review upcoming movies based on information from the poster. Featuring Scott Lowe. Leavite · Announcing a new service that will help you avoid meetings, like that tedious business conference, or a stressful wedding proposal. Featuring Jen […]

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Office Surprise w/ Chris Trew

Podcast: Download | Huffduff it | Subscribe Chief Wrestling Officer · is a real professional wrestling manager (alter egos include a rapper, air sex host, comedy club owner and improv teacher). In our feature interview, we pretend that he also coaches business executives through professional wrestling moves. Featuring (find him on Twitter, too). […]

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Sex Magic

Podcast: Download | Huffduff it | Subscribe 8 Complicated Rules · Jay and Scott were talking about Mormons, which led to caffeine, which led to Mountain Dew, which led to this improv scene about modern flirting in high school. Featuring Scott Lowe. Paid Adversary · In our feature interview, we delve into the seventh level […]

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Resident Santorum

Podcast: Download | Huffduff it | Subscribe Fail Male · Rick Santorum’s campaign mobile app helps volunteers identify potential voters, not to mention root out “the gays”. Featuring Kyle Lahr. Whiteville · Following an audience suggestion of “gong”, Landon and Jay skip back and forth in time to visit with different residents of Whiteville. Featuring […]

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