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July 2011

Pottermore Post Mortem Podcast: Download Jim Blankenship (played by Ape Rally‘s Josh Moore) gives us a behind-the-scenes look into what the mysterious “Pottermore” is really all about. We learn how J.K. Rowling is building a child-only theme park in order to retcon all of humanity to do her dark bidding. Photo by allnightavenue

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Back to School Fitness w/ Amanda Austin Podcast: Download Millie Plum (played by Amanda Austin, co-owner of the Dallas Comedy House), teaches us some tips from her new book about keeping fit while studying in college, or at the very least, staying in shape and staying in school. Learn how to keep the heart rate up by only buying one pack […]

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Paleo Fashion Designer Podcast: Download Jake Bilbrey from Probably Fine joins us as the “paleo fashion” designer Bob Hirstwhile, desperately trying to cash in on the paleo diet craze with clothing recommendations from pre-history. Steve is dealing with the unfreezing sickness from being stuck in suspended animation by Jay Frosting, who forcibly took over as host. Also […]

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