Live Show Dec. 2, 2010 – Fashion Heiress & Non-profit Gynecologist

NSFW! Unless your workplace is peopled entirely with mature and uniquely understanding adults!

In this coochtastic episode, Nikki Gasparo had some ideas about playing a rich heiress, so we asked the audience for the suggestion of “an industry”, to which one audience member replied, using an expletive in place of an ellipses, “fuckin’… fashion”. Nikki quickly decided she’d be the daughter of the owners of the “Electrique Boutique” chain of stores, affectionally known by some Dallasites as “the whore store”.

We were then joined by Jude Sutton, who had been given the audience’s suggestion for an unlikely job title of “Non-profit gynecologist”. Like the gatekeeper and the keymaster, this pair was destined to meet.

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